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Garage Door Service in Hemet, CA

Our company here at Garage Door Repair Hemet is the only place you should need to call for your garage door services. We’re highly trained for garage door removals and installs, also any repair you may need to be done to your garage door. Give us a call for fast and complete services.

What You Should Do If You’re Having An Issue

Are you experiencing a problem where your door won’t completely close before trying to open back up, or maybe the door is leaning down more on one side. No matter what kind of problem you are having, we can help. There is a small list of things you can check out yourself and even maybe adjust yourself. You can do things such as changing the batteries in the garage door opener or remote. You can also check for anything in front of the photo eyes. There are a lot of repairs that should be left to a professional as garage doors have a lot of tension on them and can be very dangerous. Below are several things you can check first.
  • Is your garage door making any loud noises? Maybe struggling to open or close?
  • You can check for any debris that may have got stuck in the track.
  • Have the photo eyes been knocked out of alignment or been damaged in any way?
  • Are the door tracks bent?
  • Has the weather seal been torn or damaged?
Our Techs work with people on a daily basis to help repair or diagnose the normal everyday garage door issues. Give us a call if you find that your garage door is having any of these problems. We are here to help you.

Regular Preventive Maintenance

Our techs provide you with emergency garage door repairs and service along with other door repairs. We also want to encourage you to be aware of the other services we offer such as preventive maintenance. Setting up regular maintenance visits with us can help you prevent some of those emergency garage door repair situations. Our techs check and oil rollers, springs and other moving parts. Some door openers have a chain assembly and this would be oiled also. They will also check for any loose bolts or nuts and correct any issues that may be starting. This will save you money in the future and also keep your door working smoothly.

Having Regular Service Done

We also suggest you set up an annual maintenance service even if there are no outstanding concerns. We suggest just setting up a certain time each year and stick with it. Spring is a really good time to have this done, but some people prefer the fall in order to prepare for the following colder months. The tune-up and lube will be done along with an inspection to check for anything that could need adjusting. The springs are usually always checked and tension may need adjusting on these too during this visit. No one wants to have an emergency issue and be stuck on a waiting list. So this regular visit can save you in many ways.

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Our friendly professional team is here to help with all your garage door needs. Pick up the phone and call us today!

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